Jumat, November 29, 2013


I can't stand this. I even do not start anything yet. Why ? Why ? Why ?
Help. I am so tired for no reason. I feel like drifting away somewhere.

How ? How ?
I do not want to throw every single thing. I love for being me. I like my world. 

Is the time has coming ? Am i in the crossroad now ? Between teenager and adult world. I don't really wanna grow up. I just already enjoying my youth. Always too late. Everything is always coming late.

I am so afraid to walk forward, i am so comfort in my place now. But the time won't waiting someone, include me. I have to choose. That " adult things " will pick me up soon. God, i am too nervous, too afraid to face everything in future. DARK !

Is really doesn't matter if i stay like this ? Ah, i do not actually know how i feel. Never. Maybe i just need a big warm hug from someone ? No. Make sure to me that everything is gonna be OK. 

I am lost again. I don't know about my ways at all.. What am i supposed to do first ? I am so mess. 

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    1. Hahaha. Dipastekan ke google translate sja. Itu jg klo google bisa nerjemahin, saking berantakannya bhasa inggrisnya tulisan ini. :D
      Thanks for visiting.

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    1. Bnyak msalah besar dlam hidup selain nikah :)
      Hnya soal prioritas msing2 org.


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