Senin, September 29, 2014

Before You Decide To Give Up

Source : Pinterest
Before you decide to give up, please think about :
  1. The books and mangas you want to read, and your goal to collect all of them
  2. The favorite or new animes and movies you want to watch
  3. The beautiful places around this world and your wish to visit them
  4. The clothes, accessories, handmade, and creativity you want to make and show it to the world
  5. The big personal library, full of books, that you want to build
  6. The story you want to tell to people, pull them into wonderful world of yours. The novels, articles, poems, reviews, and other great words  and incredible perspective of your beautiful mind. 
  7. The languages that you want to learn
  8. The challenging games you want to try
  9. Kutubussittah, nahwu shorof, qiro’at, and other religion knowledges you want to look for and spread it to make a better service for your creator
  10. The high-tech gadgets you want to have on your own
  11. The songs and musics you wanna write and sing it to people
  12. The delicious foods, freshing drinks, good snacks that you wanna try to eat.
  13. The people you want to save, you want to pull out of their darkness. 
  14. Your deepest hope to inspire others.
  15. All your big passions that you write down on your heart, still waiting for you to make it.
Source : Pinterest

See ? still so many reasons for you to give up now.
It doesn’t matter if your life feels like hell at all. It doesn’t matter if you fall down on the ground, surrounded by sadness and emptiness. All you need is stand up again and again in every single once. Stay strong ! Stay Alive ? Stay Happy ! See you in future, in the finish line.

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